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Retirement & Investment Planning

Retirement Planning

Your retirement plan should keep pace with your life

Comprehensive retirement planning solutions that are designed to evolve and keep pace with the changes you experience at every life stage.

Goals based wealth management and pre-retirement planning

Personalized advice goes beyond numbers to deliver unique insights and dynamic solutions based on a deep understanding of what truly matters to you.

As your retirement savings grow, we deliver greater choice, and identify additional opportunities to create financial flexibility with comprehensive and tax-efficient strategies.

  • Explore your current situation to clarify your goals and objectives
  • Develop a comprehensive plan with customized strategies
  • lement a holistic strategy which is proactively monitored and updatedI

As your life evolves so will your retirement plan and your financial well-being

Chris will guide you through our comprehensive process to address your unique needs throughout retirement and create a strategy that maximizes your retirement income and after-tax returns while preserving your capital.

Together we will create a customized, tax-efficient retirement income strategy that best suits you and the life you want.

  • Calculate and estimate retirement income and expenses
  • Determine income gaps and ensure asset sustainability
  • Suggest appropriate product and planning alternatives
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Investment Planning

Long-standing partnerships provide superior risk-adjusted returns

  • Access the best ideas and the brightest talents from around the world
  • Take advantage of niche solutions to complement investment programs
    Select the asset managers most likely to succeed
  • Identify and deal with performance factors early on

With access to an array of investment solutions – which is one of the key components to a retirement plan. The strength of global investment philosophy is rooted in active asset management, providing investors with exclusive access to leading edge products and institutional quality investments, many not typically available to the individual investor. This also includes a range of brokerage investment solutions in both Canadian and U.S. currencies, services and products ranging from common and preferred stocks listed on major North American stock exchanges, GICs, strip bonds, bankers’ acceptance and commercial paper, bonds and debentures (federal, provincial and corporate), Government of Canada treasury bills and U.S. denominated bonds and treasury bills. Giving the investor maximum flexibility in their financial plan.

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Insurance & Estate Planning

Insurance Planning

We will conduct a thorough insurance needs analysis to help you determine your insurance requirements then create a unique strategy to protect you and your family’s financial well-being.

Manage risk and protect your income

Policies for managing risks to your financial plan like life, critical illness or disability are important to protecting your family from an unforeseen loss of income or from unplanned expenses.

Protect the value of your estate

Insurance delivers more than protection, it is also an opportunity to accumulate additional savings for retirement or to leave more of your wealth, tax-free, to the people or causes you care about.

Guaranteed income you can never outlive

An important component of retirement planning could be a life annuity which may provide a guaranteed foundation for your retirement income.

Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth and now is the time to take control of the estate planning process. Many elements must be taken into consideration when preparing a properly structured estate plan that fulfills your wishes.

Customized estate planning

Every estate plan is different, and yours should address your particular needs. Whether you own a business or vacation property, are separated or divorced, or live in a blended family or common-law relationship, your estate plan should be customized to contemplate your specific situation.

Involving your family

Properly structured estate plans protect families and clearly define your wishes. Distributing your assets among your beneficiaries without creating dissention requires careful consideration.

Planning for the tax

It is important to understand how your estate may be taxed at the time of your death, and how-to best plan for that tax.

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Business & Farm Succession

We can help you navigate the transition of your business. Whether you sell outright or pass the reigns on to the next generation, we will guide you through the key decisions you need to make and help you to understand their potential impact to your financial well-being.

We can provide guidance on the many aspects of a business succession plan, including:

  • Navigating the purchase and sale of a business
  • Accessing the lifetime capital gain exemption – are you eligible?
  • Understanding shareholder agreements and their potential restrictions they may place on your succession planning
  • Minimizing the amount of tax you pay
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Tax Planning

Taxes are a critical aspect of your financial plan. By engaging in holistic planning, we can help create a financial plan that not only achieves your financial goals but is also tax efficient.

We will help guide you on ways to minimize your tax exposure now as well as upon your passing.

Deductions and credits

Knowing all the tax deductions and credits to which you’re entitled can be overwhelming. Paying the least amount of taxes possible involves knowing what you can claim and identifying strategies that could help reduce your taxes this year and in years to come.

Saving for retirement

Are you getting the most out of your retirement resources?

Remaining free of financial worries goes hand-in-hand with a fulfilling retirement. By taking full advantage of tax minimization strategies and understanding the government benefits available to you can help maximize the value of your retirement savings

Business structure planning

As a business owner, you have options on how to structure your business, but that structure can impact your personal tax situation. Understanding what option is right for you will help you to get the most out of your business.

Remuneration strategies

As a shareholder of a corporation, you have a choice between salary or dividend compensation. Understanding which strategy is right for you will help you maximize your after-tax cash flows.

Estate planning

A proper estate plan can help address taxes payable upon death, whether by planning to minimize the tax bill or possibly incorporating insurance in your financial plan.

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Charitable Giving

Charitable giving and supporting causes you care about is an important part of a comprehensive Private Wealth Management Strategy. We will help guide you through the customization of a charitable giving plan to most effectively share your wealth.

Consider which causes are important to you and how best to support them

We can assist you with your giving options, such as utilizing a donor-advised fund which can provide many of the benefits of a private foundation without the upfront costs and administration responsibilities.

We can help you develop a long-term strategic approach to charitable giving to build your lasting legacy and foster multi-generational philanthropy.

Strategize the timing and source of your giving

We can assess your unique circumstances to identify opportunities and enhance tax efficiency. There is significant flexibility in selecting what to donate. If you hold publicly traded securities; such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, and choose to gift these investments then additional tax savings can be realized. Your IG Consultant will review potential strategies to ensure both you and your chosen charity benefit to the fullest from your gift.

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